Drywall Installer

Josh Munson, Munson Drywall

I have been installing sheetrock for ten years now. It has only been in the last two years that we have had to hang sheetrock on ICF buildings. That being said, it is very surprising that there are so many different ICF blocks out on the market. I have worked with five different ICF forms now. As far as sheetrock goes, you would not think the block would make that much difference and at first it really did not seem that way. Then I used CELBLOX.

I never really looked forward to working with ICF’s until I worked with CELBLOX. We use a lot of screws in a house and when we used other blocks we had a high number of pull outs. I honestly don’t think we had a single one with CELBLOX.

I want to let your company know that from my perspective on the job site, your (CELBLOX) form is in a league of its own. I think it is unmatched in quality from every standpoint.