Preparing Your Home for Fall

Fall is just around the corner, and there is no better time to start preparing your home for fall homethe winter ahead. As the temperature outside starts to drop, use the last weeks of summer to catch up on home maintenance before it gets too cold outside.

Stick-frame homes are more susceptible to drafts and hot/cold weather than other materials. Use these three weather-proofing tips to help protect your home.

Update your windows and doors
Sealing gaps around window and door frames can cut your winter heating bill by 10 to 15 percent. Search for gaps larger than 1/8 inch and patch these spots with caulk or weather stripping. Also, install storm windows, which will protect and insulate your home during cold temperatures.

Purchase a water heater insulating blanket
A water heater insulating blanket is an affordable, easy way to save energy during the winter. A properly fitted blanket can reduce up to 40 percent of the heat that is lost through the sides of a typical water heater. Measure the circumference of your water heater and purchase a thicker blanket to preserve the optimal amount of heat.

Level your gutters
Before the weather gets too cold, make sure to take the ladder and check your gutters. If they aren’t pitched at the correct angle, they can overflow during a storm, causing major leaks and flooding of your home.