Safety is ensured with CELBLOX. The monolithic structural concrete wall system enabled by CELBLOX is ten times stronger than a wood framed wall. As a result, a CELBLOX performance wall system will withstand wind speeds of up to 250 miles per hour and will more than stand up to the positive and negative pressures from a hurricane or tornado. A CELBLOX performance wall will resist flying debris at 100 miles per hour. It resists seismic events because it has over six times the racking load resistance and it provides the stiffness and ductility required compared to wood frame alternatives.


A CELBLOX performance wall system is non-combustible and has up to a four hour fire rating resisting temperatures of up to 2000°. The flame spread index for a CELBLOX wall is less than 25 and the smoke development index is less than 450.

A CELBLOX concrete building may qualify for reduced homeowner’s insurance due to its resilience and resistance to fire and disasters of all kinds.