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Real Estate Developer

Pat Pavloski, Hidden Bay LLC.

When I built my first recreational center it had a 6,300 square foot pool, fitness, and recreational lounge center, was a focal point of our Waterstone subdivision development area. Our developments are planned around a total and complete well-being environment. The recreational centers are designed to complement and enhance those amenities. Safety, health and energy efficiency were paramount concerns in the design of the functional centers. We looked at insulated concrete form construction to fit all our parameters. We chose CELBLOX out of Reedsburg, Wisconsin as our primary ICF.

The recreational centers in our developments can also function as a safety shelter during extreme weather conditions. A solid concrete ICF wall has been tested to withstand flying debris from winds up to 250 miles per hour. To have a secure place for our residents to go is important to us.

Our pool area and fitness center must be maintained at constant temperature and humidity levels. The CELBLOX ICF walls provided a superior thermal envelope which helps maintain the necessary comfort levels at a very efficient cost, a savings greater than I had anticipated. With any public facility one must be vigilant of health concerns. The properties of insulating concrete form construction inhibit any mold growth and further helped to convince us to use them.

I have been very pleased with the outcome of the building, its energy efficiencies and comfort. I have received many favorable comments from our guests. I have since built a larger recreational facility and look forward to its many pleasing attributes that our local residents can enjoy for years to come.