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Electrical Service Installer

Brian Tourdot, Service Electric, Reedsburg, Wisconsin

Service Electric acted as the electrical contractor for a new 82 bed skilled nursing facility that was built with CELBLOX Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) As an installer, I found that running the electrical components throughout the ICF walls was easy and convenient. I used the following methods of installation:

Metal Clad Cable: I used Roto-Zip with a ½” dado bit, cutting a ½” deep channel. Cutting in the chases through the EPS foam was very fast and easy.

Electrical Metallic Tubing Conduit: I used the Roto-Zip with a round dovetail bit (3/4”” bit for ½” pipe and a 1” bit for ¾” pipe). The dovetail (tapered) channel allowed the conduit to be pressed into the channel, preventing it from popping back out. This eliminated the need to secure it to a stud or foam the chase.