Right-Size HVAC

Proper design and installation of the mechanical system in a CELBLOX® building helps a builder stay cost neutral because it can be significantly downsized. ICF/concrete buildings have different space conditioning requirements due to their inherent thermal mass, high insulation level and low air infiltration. Standard air distribution system design, selection and installation practices do not fully address them. The air distribution system needs to be engineered and installed for improved air delivery at lower cfm. The improved thermal enclosure of a CELBLOX® building leads to reduced heating and cooling loads which result in the need for smaller HVAC equipment. Where 400 square feet per ton used to be used to estimate the size requirement for HVAC, the improved characteristics of a CELBLOX® envelope estimate between 600 and 1,000 square feet per ton. The improved envelope also reduces the need for perimeter air delivery as well as the amount of airflow in the system. An oversized HVAC system will not only have a higher initial cost than a correctly sized system, it will consume more energy than necessary to maintain thermostat set points. Additionally, an oversized system will have a shortened ‘on” time which can lead to larger temperature swings and reduced thermal comfort. Air conditioning systems with short “on” times do not remove enough moisture from the indoor environment which can promote moisture problems. HVAC Sizing Report (pdf)