Advantages to Using a CELBLOX® Performance Wall System

  • Complete control of quality. You have one company to look to for quality, service and support. CELBLOX® are an American made product manufactured in Reedsburg, Wisconsin.
  • Quality beyond what is required is built into each and every block assuring required wall characteristics are achieved. CELBLOX® fastening webs are made only from virgin polypropylene resin so they provide superior “pull-out” strength and will not crack which prevents re-work and extra labor. The manufacturing of CELBLOX® Performance Wall Systems is conducted according to a strict quality assurance regimen that is regularly evaluated and certified by InterTek. This regimen allows CELBLOX® to meet or in some cases significantly exceed ICC-ES AC353 and ASTM E119 standards for insulating concrete forms and their components.
  • Space advantage both for inventory and job site are built into the CELBLOX® design which reduces cost. CELBLOX® fold completely flat (a patented design) and so reduce the amount of space required for storage on the job site. They are preassembled and need no on-site assembly before stacking, they pop open ready for placement.
  • Higher quality walls and no re-work because of a smoother concrete flow during the pour which reduces the potential for voids. CELBLOX® are connected with simple, solid tie bars made of virgin injection molded polypropylene. There is no excess plastic within the blocks as with other blocks so there is less drag on the concrete as it flows which is the main cause of air pockets in a concrete wall.
  • Very short lead times and fast response to changes in core size requirements. CELBLOX® are manufactured as two separate identical panels. After production, they are assembled with ties of various lengths to create the range of core sizes available in the finished blocks. Because of this, panels are always available for quick assembly at the plant to fill a customer order. Large inventories of finished block are not required to be on-hand for every eventuality as the block can be assembled to whatever size is necessary very quickly from available panels and ties. In addition, should a core size change be required in the field for some reason, CELBLOX® can quickly deliver smaller or larger ties to the jobsite so that the installer can remove the existing ties and replace them with ties of the correct size to create blocks with a larger or smaller core size.
  • No confusion about which side fits where or how the forms fit together. There is no clogging with debris to limit the speed of the wall assembly. CELBLOX® are not reversible. A conscious design decision based on installer input, the non-reversible feature of CELBLOX® allows faster, more accurate wall assembly. Inexperienced installers often create common seams at the corner when they fail to reverse every other course when using reversible forms so a non-reversible form creates a more predictably accurate envelope assembly. Additionally, with reversible forms, the male end of the bottom course presents a problem in that it must either be heavily glued down with a ½ inch of foam to avoid concrete pouring out of the slots or the male end must be sheared off. If the male end is not sheared off by ½ inch and regardless of the glue, the slots will be compression points for the concrete and further complicate and slow down the job site assembly process. Non-reversible CELBLOX® forms do not have variable male and female features on the same edge surface. This is the case on reversible forms and can lead to clogging with concrete and in the winter to the accumulation of snow and ice in the recesses. Non-reversible forms result in faster assembly times and less re-work.