The CELBLOX® Performance Wall System

A CELBLOX® Performance Wall System consists of insulating concrete forms which are manufactured interlocking modular concrete formwork made of rigid expanded polystyrene and polypropylene webs and ties. The polystyrene foam is 1.5# density, 2 ½” thick on each side of the form (5” total). The polypropylene ties serve to connect the two sides of the form and serve as channels for steel rebar placement. The polypropylene webs are embedded in the foam panels at 8” on center and behave as traditional wood studs for fastening anything that needs to be fastened to either the external or interior walls. Concrete is poured into the forms just as it would be into wooden forms, but the polystyrene sides remain a part of the concrete wall to provide performance R-value, moisture control and both an air and sound barrier. The resulting moist-cured concrete wall has strength after one year of 8,000 P.S.I. unlike the concrete wall poured into a wood form which is quickly removed to expose the concrete and allow the building process to begin. This concrete dry-cures to only between 2,800 and 3,000 P.S.I. CELBLOX® in above grade walls need no external moisture or air barrier, no airspace, no external insulation, no plywood sheathing, no studs, no batt insulation and no permeable vapor barrier to the interior. ½” wallboard can be attached directly to the webs in the polystyrene forms to create the fire rating required and to provide an aesthetic finish to the interior walls. Due to the plastic webs and concrete core, there is no thermal bridging in an ICF/concrete wall assembly. CELBLOX® Performance Wall Systems provide an R-23/24 building envelope and all of the other high energy and moisture performance characteristics in one product. CELBLOX® pre-assembled insulating concrete forms are built into wall sections on the construction site. Building the walls and pouring the concrete can be done in ½ to ⅔ of the time it requires to frame a conventionally built structure. Fewer trades are required to build a CELBLOX® wall since the installer does all the assembly and places the concrete. This helps reduce envelope building time as a result of multiple trade scheduling issues that may elongate building times. CELBLOX® walls can be assembled and poured in sub-zero temperatures without degradation and without expensive tenting and heating. CELBLOX® forms do not absorb moisture at any point in the construction process, even in rainy, foggy or snowy conditions. Channels for services are easily cut into the expanded polystyrene of which the forms are made for electrical, plumbing, utilities and other services with a hot knife or a small chain saw or other cutting tool. There is no need for any framing and no drilling of holes to create channels for services. CELBLOX® are approved by all major North American code bodies including the ICC and the CCMC. ICC-ES Code # ESR-1525, listed as a prescriptive method of building in the IRC (R404.4 and R611), can be built to commercial design specification using the IBC and has Wisconsin Building Product Approval #200710-1. ∗ CELBLOX® forms come in 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” core sizes. 4” CELBLOX® forms reduce the amount of concrete required in a typical 6” residential wall section, eliminate the need for horizontal rebar and any additional labor for rebar installation.