Comfortable, Quiet & Healthy

icf-benefits-quiet-1 A CELBLOX® building is Quiet. CELBLOX® performance wall systems reduce outside noise by as much as 87%. They have a minimum STC rating of 55. Standard wood frame walls with fiberglass insulation and drywall have an STC rating of just 39. Since STC ratings are logarithmically based, a difference of 20 in an STC rating comparison means one system is roughly four times better or worse than another. In general, the higher the STC rating, the more effective a wall system is at reducing the transmission of sound in the most common frequencies. The sound attenuation in a wall system is a function of wall thickness, mass, component materials and air tightness, all of which are enhanced with ICF wall construction. Street noise, highway noise, airport traffic and loud music are all dramatically reduced because a CELBLOX performance wall system allows less than one-third as much sound to pass through it than does a wood frame wall. A CELBLOX® home is comfortable. Indoor air quality and temperature consistency are improved with CELBLOX®. The high thermal mass of the concrete acts as a heat sink that absorbs heat or cold when it is present and disperses it over time to keep indoor temperatures consistent. There are no cold spots or hot spots in a CELBLOX® concrete building. It is important to remember that buildings breathe similarly to living organisms. As a result, air movement needs to be well managed in order to deal effectively with the things that can be carried in the air. Unmanaged air infiltration through wood framed walls is not filtered or dehumidified, it can carry dirt and pollutants and it can penetrate deeply into building spaces through ceiling wall spaces and other unintended openings. These unwelcome substances can be allergens which will decrease the comfort in the structure. CELBLOX® ICFs virtually eliminate unmanaged air infiltration which mitigates these issues. CELBLOX® construction creates a cleaner, more allergen and pest free interior environment. A CELBLOX® solid core concrete wall is non-hygroscopic so it resists water and vapor infiltration and does not support the growth of fungus, mold or bacteria. Less moisture reduces the potential for wood rot and the growth of black mold within the wall. In contrast, the BATT insulation in a wood frame wall that absorbs moisture loses nearly all of its insulating value. EPS, plastic, rebar and concrete are all inorganic and as such are not a food source for toxic mold or for insects or other pests.