Why CELBLOX and Not Another Brand

There are a number of ICF brands on the market today. They vary in their individual attributes and the companies behind them vary in size, scope, nationality and values. The various ICF brands vary as well in the places they are manufactured, who manufactures them, quality control, the way they are distributed and the materials that are used in them. CELBLOX® Performance Wall Systems are manufactured in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. CELBLOX® has been in existence since 2003. Not content to offer simply a “me too” product to the markets, CELBLOX® collaborated with an industry leading installer to design and produce products that would increase quality, reduce assembly/construction time, reduce cost and mitigate risk for the stakeholders in a building project. Since then, hundreds of thousands of CELBLOX® Performance Wall Systems have been used to build custom homes, energy efficient schools, senior living facilities, light commercial projects such as healthcare clinics, churches, retail strip malls and military facilities such as the Warriors in Transition barracks at Schofield military base in Hawaii. Dave Zirbel, Hidden Valley Builders, Gays Mills, Wisconsin

Hidden Valley Builders (installed CELBLOX®) for the Flaherty Primary Center, a 67,473 square foot school located in Ekron, Kentucky. The project included 12” ICF gymnasium walls that were 38’ high. This portion of the project was poured in two separate lifts of approximately 20 feet. While generally HVB utilizes a ¾” or one inch diameter vibrator to consolidate the poured concrete within the ICF wall, for these walls we were required to use a 2” diameter vibrator. Considering the diameter and the vibratory force of this larger instrument, the CELBLOX ICFs performed exceptionally well without any structural issues due to the pour or the vibratory compaction process. Typically the corners are the most vulnerable during an ICF pour. The CELBLOX® corners experienced no problems whatsoever, without any extra strapping or bracing beyond what is recommended by the manufacturer. CELBLOX ICFs were very fast to work with. The tongue and groove design locked tightly together making the wall easy to straighten and plumb prior to the pour. It was also quick and easy to keep clean of any debris. Compared to other ICFs being used for commercial buildings, CELBLOX® ICFs used on this project have received favorable comments. Kenny Stanfield from project designer Sherman Carter Barnhart Architects commented that Flaherty was the best ICF school he’d seen yet when he came out to view the jobsite in September.