Insulated Concrete Forms

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.
– Einstein.

This philosophy has shaped the development and creation of CELBLOX® - a simple, superior Insulated Concrete Form that provides an exceptional quality block at a competitive price.  

Key features of CELBLOX Insulated Concrete Forms include:

  • Hinged ties that fold flat to reduce shipping costs up to 50% and minimize storage space
  • Factory assembly – just pop them open and set in place
  • Use of superior materials for the webs and ties that significantly improves fastener retention
  •  Full size web design making exterior and interior applications easier and more secure
  • A solid bar tie design to maximize concrete flow and eliminate voids
Green Safe Forever

Combining CELBLOX® buildings with renewable energy sources will be the standard of the future.  CELBLOX Insulated Concrete Forms offer you a sustainable envelope today that is able to take advantage of economical renewal energy in the future.

CELBLOX invites you to explore our website and see how we can help you create Insulated Concrete Form buildings that are energy-efficient, comfortable, and sustainable.

The Green Solution

Buildings have a huge impact on the environment, accounting for 40% of our total energy use, 68% of total electricity consumption, and 38% of CO2 emissions.  CELBLOX® Insulated Concrete Forms play an important role in reducing a building’s impact on our environment.

CELBLOX Insulated Concrete Form buildings use 50% to 80% less energy, conserving our natural resources and resulting in less CO2 being released into the atmosphere.  CELBLOX Insulated Concrete Forms also directly reduces the use of lumber and results in less construction waste since jobsite scraps can be recycled.

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News & Events

Celblox Receives State of Florida Building Code Approval

June 11, 2012

After product testing verification and submittal of required documentation, CELBLOX Insulating Concrete Forms has received approval from the State of Florida for use in residential and commercial construction, both above and below grade.  Cellox is a participant in an ongoing QA/QC program with quarterly inspections administered by Intertek Testing Services and complies with the 2010 Florida Building Code.