There are a number of ICF brands on the market today. They vary in their individual attributes and the companies behind them vary in size, scope, nationality and values. The various ICF brands vary as well in the places they are manufactured, who manufactures them, quality control, the way they are distributed and the materials that are used in them.

CELBLOX Performance Wall Systems are manufactured by CELLOX, LLC which is a family-owned company located in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. CELLOX has been in existence since 1961. CELLOX is a diversified EPS molder with three basic product lines all of which include EPS molding and injection molding...


"I can easily testify to the value CELBLOX ICF construction brings to green sustainable building design and construction. In the end, the design team embraced the advantages ICF brought the project and took advantage of the technical/construction expertise CELBLOX was able to provide."
Frederick J. Poehler
Habitat Studio, Incorporated
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